Historical dictionary of modern Japanese literature and theater. . 2009.

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  • SHORTHAND (SOKKI) —    Although various stenographic systems for transcribing written speech had been developed in Japan, an effective version of shorthand that could be used to record in real time was not invented until the 1880s. Takusari Koki saw shorthand used… …   Japanese literature and theater

  • TAKUSARI KOKI — (1854–1938)    Takusari Koki is noted for his groundbreaking invention of a Japanese shorthand system (sokki) in 1884. Sokki allowed political debates and oral stories, such as the ghost tales of San’yutei Encho, to be quickly transcribed from… …   Japanese literature and theater

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  • Anexo:Episodios de To Aru Majutsu no Index — Aquí se encuentra la lista de los episodios del anime To Aru Majutsu no Index. Para mayor información, véase el artículo principal. Lista de episodios To Aru Majutsu no Index[1] # Título Estreno 01 «Ciudad Academia» «Gakuentoshi» (学園都市) …   Wikipedia Español

  • GENBUN ITCHI —    Written Japanese, fundamentally standardized by the eighth century, had undergone sporadic and incremental change prior to the Meiji period, evolving into a collection of documentary, epistolary, and narrative styles that were firmly bound in… …   Japanese literature and theater

  • YOSE —    The yose (storytelling theaters) of Japan originated during the Tokugawa period as small roadside shacks wherein itinerant professional storytellers would tell their tales to passersby for a small fee. By the Meiji period, they had become… …   Japanese literature and theater

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